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Insurance Agents Rejoice! Finally A CRM
& Email Marketing Tool Built Just For Agents

InsurPro by StarterCRM is an easy-to-use complete CRM (customer relationship management) solution that provides insurance agents with all of the tools they need to better manage existing clients, ensuring that they remain satisfied policy holders. In fact, InsurPro is so client-centric, you can even be alerted to upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, policy renewal dates and more!

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Tracking your critical insurance data just got easier!

While most CRM solutions are designed with generic features to be used by a wide range of industries, InsurPro by StarterCRM is different. InsurPro is designed for insurance agents by insurance agents, and contains a host of insurance industry specific tools and utilities. Streamline your sales processes and reduce the time it takes to go from inquiry to policy holder and ensure that you create customers for life.

Dont forget, InsurPro includes all the great features of StarterCRM including Contact Management, Email Marketing and Customer Issue Tracking.

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