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When you own a small business, it’s critical that you have as complete a picture of your customers as possible. This picture shouldn’t just address who your customers are, but should be comprehensive and include a range of other critical data points such as:

  • Which of my products and services are my customers purchasing?
  • How often are they making those purchases?
  • Where are my customers located?
  • What issues or problems are my customers experiencing with my products and services?
  • How long does it take a member of my team to respond to a customer request?
  • How frequently is my business reaching out to my customers to inform them of new products, special offers and other important pieces of information?

No matter how big or small your business, you can use CRM technology to help you answer all of these questions, which in turn will allow you to do a better job servicing your customers and help you grow your bottom line. However, a lot of the available systems are expensive to buy and complicated to use. So what’s the best solution for your business?
In this free white paper, Shaun O’Reilly, Director of Marketing for StarterCRM, discusses how you can use CRM technology to manage and grow your business. Subjects covered in the white paper include:

  • What is CRM and what can it do for your business?
  • Four good reasons to start thinking about CRM
  • Should you implement CRM technology in your small business?
  • How is CRM technology different from standalone programs like Outlook and Excel?
  • What are your technology options and which should you choose?