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Track Commissions & Improve Revenue

InsurPro gives you a single system for tracking commissions data for all of the products you carry and all of the carriers you’re licensed with. Track business profits easily with our easy-to-use report generator that provides you with comprehensive data for commissions generated by your practice.

Commissions “Snapshot”

Just a few clicks and you have instant insight into commissions you’ve recently received. Click the “View Commissions” link and you’ll be presented with a summary of your recent commission history. No more digging through countless spreadsheets and mountains of paperwork!

Record Split Commissions

InsurPro is incredibly versatile and even provides a way to maintain a record of commissions you split with other advisors.

Simple Split Commission Recording 
  • Enter advisor commission is split with
  • Enter their % of the total commission
  • Click the “Add Commission” button
  • Repeat the process for multiple advisors
  • Review history of split commissions by:
    • Clicking the Split Commission icon on the commissions dashboard
    • Opening the policy record and clicking the commissions tab

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