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Client Circumstances Change – Implement Regularly Scheduled Policy Reviews

Life changes...that’s why it’s critical you implement regular policy reviews to make sure your clients still have the right products. InsurPro gives you a simple way to implement a policy review program to ensure your clients always have the right level of coverage and the right solutions in place to give them personal security.

Policy Review Dates

Every time you log in, InsurPro displays a list of policies with an upcoming date. You can view a list of scheduled policy review dates for:

  • The last 5 days
  • The current day
  • The next 5 days
  • The next 15 days
  • The next 30 days

Build Lasting Relationships

The relationships you forge with your clients are the lifeblood of your practice. What better way to create enduring relationships than by remembering important events in their lives? InsurPro ensures you won’t forget to acknowledge these events by providing you with a reminder of their birthdays and anniversaries and giving you a simple way to reach out to wish them well.

Create Birthday & Anniversary Reminders
  • From within the contact record, use the calendar to enter the date of your client’s birthday and/or anniversary
  • If you’d like to generate a congratulatory email, simply click the email icon to the right of the date

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